Social Commitment

We do everything to offer not only future-proof jobs, but also an attractive environment. We can only attract capable employees if they feel comfortable with their families in our city after work. If they find modern children's facilities, a bank branch to help them build a house or a health centre where they feel well looked after. One of these activities is the new city fire station at the North Gate, which we will build for Wittenberg. We want to help the whole region to develop well.


Company kindergarden

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The company kindergarten of SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz GmbH opened its doors in September 2014. Operated by the Berlin Dussmann KulturKindergarten gGmbH, 60 nursery and kindergarten children can be accommodated in the oasis of well-being on Dessauer Strasse (Agro-Chemie Park Süd). Children of employees of SKW Piesteritz and Agro-Chemie Park as well as children of residents are welcome at the day care centre.

The kindergarten is characterised by flexible opening hours, also on weekends or holidays if required. An improved personnel key ensures optimal support and care for the children. The generously designed rooms on two floors and the large garden (2,500 sqm) invite you to linger. In specially designed, thematic group rooms (e.g. theatre, stage, art, culture and natural sciences) the children are individually supported. All children are welcome:

Company kindergarden AGROFERT Germany

Our subsidiary AGROFERT Germany is in no way inferior to this. A further company kindergarten for 60 children has been built on the harbour area, which is highly praised by everyone. 24 crèche and 36 kindergarten places have been set up at ground level in a modern new building tailored to the needs of children and educators. Here, too, children of employees of the German companies of the AGROFERT Group are not the only ones to benefit: in principle, it is open to all. In the new kindergarten of AGROFERT Germany the same operator as in the neighbouring facility of SKW Piesteritz looks after the new generation according to the same principles.

Health centre

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SKW Piesteritz is committed to maintaining the health of its employees. Since the beginning of 2016, doctors in private practice have been working at the Medicum health centre, thus ensuring a certain level of basic medical care on weekdays. SKW Piesteritz has succeeded in winning five doctors from six disciplines as tenants: General practitioner, pediatrician, surgeon, ear, nose and throat specialist, ophthalmologist, psychotherapy. In addition, a physiotherapy practice is available to employees of SKW Piesteritz and Agro-Chemie Park during the day as well as to all patients from Wittenberg and the surrounding area. In the central part of the building, training rooms are equipped with appropriate sports equipment in which SKW Piesteritz employees can actively do something for their bodies either individually or in group programmes under expert guidance. Various courses complement this preventive health maintenance offer.

Training and further education centre

Hier informieren wir Sie über aktuelle Veranstaltungen rund um SKW Piesteritz.

In January 2013, SKW Piesteritz opened its training and further education centre at the entrance to Agro-Chemie Park South. The company thus has a central facility with a very high technical standard in which all events that serve to impart knowledge and transfer knowledge from experienced employees to junior staff are held. Here, trainees also complete a large part of their practical training as skilled workers, while SKW Piesteritz employees can acquire higher training qualifications while working. Ongoing training measures provide employees with the tools they need to do their daily work in good quality. Joint events are organised here with universities and technical colleges in the country.

Science Center

The "futurea" Science Center is located right next to the Old Town Hall and directly on the market square in Wittenberg. The two houses - one of which dates from Luther's times and is a listed building - have been extensively renovated. Since March 2017, in time for the beginning of the central celebrations of the Reformation anniversary, they have been open to the public.

In an arc of tension between the past and the future, chemical knowledge is to be imparted here in a lively way. The choice of location in the heart of the old town is also linked to the concern to better combine culture and industry. The basic idea is to make the central and essential importance of nitrogen for all life on earth accessible to the public. In addition, the "all-rounder" urea will be presented to visitors in an interactive way. The Science Center is intended to convey a lack of knowledge, reduce reservations and in this way improve the image of the chemical industry. Interactive exhibits show that the natural sciences are very exciting. The aim is to arouse the interest of young people in chemistry.

The Science Center "futurea" symbolizes the coexistence of culture and industry in Wittenberg. It should be a clear sign for the "industrial-cultural city of Wittenberg.

Municipal Fire Brigade

SKW Piesteritz and Lutherstadt Wittenberg work together. Not only will members of the SKW Piesteritz works fire brigade support the city's full-time vigilance during operations outside the works premises: SKW Piesteritz has built a new Hauptwache for the city just outside the gates of the Agro-Chemie Park Nord entrance. This means that the bases of two full-time fire brigade institutions are in the immediate vicinity.

An attractive environment counts

Oasis of well-being for children

Everyone can keep fit

Lifelong learning

Mysterious world of nitrogen

Fire brigades work hand in hand