Quality Determines Success

The Form of Nitrogen Does Not Affect Yield

Brand Quality Liquid Fertiliser Is Economical and Safe

Markets have become more challenging and costs have risen. Avoid these problems and improve your output by using especially efficient nitrogen fertiliser with excellent value for money. A number of trials have demonstrated that the size of the yield is not affected by the form of nitrogen. By properly incorporating brand quality UAN such as PIASAN® 28 , input costs are reduced compared to fertilisation with e. g. CAN. The fertiliser effect is at least equal and often better.
In addition to correct application, the quality factors surface tension, biuret content and pH level are decisive factors for success. Only brand name products provide consistently high quality and therefore security, guaranteeing optimal application for plants and good yields.
We recommend the first-class, brand quality liquid fertiliser products PIASAN® 28 and PIASAN®-S 25/6 as well as the nitrogen-stabilising liquid fertiliser ALZON® liquid and ALZON® liquid-S 25/6. Costs are reduced not only upon purchase, but also through the numerous application advantages.PIASAN® 28 is a pressure-free water-clear solution with common plant protection technology that can be applied precisely, according to the needs of plants, on large work areas and can be combined easily with plant protection products and micronutrients.
They also alleviate any concerns regarding leaf necrosis. When PIASAN® 28 is applied correctly using proper application technology, leaf necrosis occurs hardly ever and to a neglectable extent. Significant damage only occurs when low-quality UAN is added or when applications are conducted improperly. Reducing labour and costs in comparison to solid fertilisers like CAN demonstrates decisive advantages.

UAN Quality Is Decisive for Crop Tolerance.

Under critical application conditions and with sensitive populations, UAN quality has a decisive effect on crop tolerance. Surface tension is especially significant.
UAN with low surface tension significantly increases the risk of leaf damage compared to PIASAN® 28. The pictures show the direct comparison. The application is conducted under identical conditions at development stages 32-27 for winter wheat. The leaf damage that occurs following the use of a substandard UAN (see left) results in a reduction in yield of 3% to 7%. Solely by applying PIASAN® 28 despite critical factors such as humid conditions, no notable leaf necrosis was detected and the yield is as high as it is with solid fertilisers.

Protect the Environment, Reduce Costs, Secure Yields: Correct Application Makes It Easy.

Reducing costs and protecting the environment are very compatible in agriculture. With PIASAN® 28, it is possible to achieve high nutrient efficiency and therefore a good nitrogen balance through exact dosing and distribution.
An even better nitrogen effect and nutrient use is achieved through innovative liquid fertilisation with nitrogen stabilisers such as ALZON® liquid. Fundamentally, the differences in effect between forms of nitrogen are generally ignored. The decisive factor is correct application and use.

UAN Advantages - Ensure higher yields, protect plants and save costs with brand quality liquid fertilisers