Method of Action

PIAMON® 33-S is a granulated mineral fertiliser with an excellent mix ratio of ammonium sulphate and urea, providing ideal nitrogen properties without the focus on sulphur fertilisation effect. Therefore, PIAMON® 33-S has more to offer than its additional sulphur content. The optimised mix ratio makes it an ideal alternative to the effect of nitrogen fertilisation.
The combination of both nitrogen forms, ammonium and urea nitrogen, in PIAMON® 33-Smakes it possible to provide plants with an immediately available and balanced supply of nitrogen.
PIAMON® 33-Smakes it possible to provide optimal nutrient intake through the simultaneous presence of proportional and immediately available, water soluble urea in soil, an additional advantage. The cation NH4+ and the anion SO4- do not compete or diminish each other in nutrient intake through roots. On the contrary, the charge balance leads to an especially high and proportional intake rate through plants, which means that it provides as aforementioned exceptionally high nitrogen efficiency of PIAMON® 33-S.
The very high nitrogen efficiency of PIAMON® 33-S compared to CAN is due to the balanced mixture of ammonium and urea nitrogen as well as sulphate urea in a fertiliser granule. Since urea is essential for protein synthesis and other enzymatic processes and nitrogen is available in a very balanced form, PIAMON® 33-Scan be used for all plant cultures and at all application times, including late fertilisation of winter wheat (improved raw protein content and sedimentation value), providing higher nitrogen efficiency.