IASAN®-S 25/6 is a fertiliser that provides a targeted and effective supply of nitrogen and sulphur for garden and agricultural plants. There is no need to add sulphur to your fertiliser in a complicated procedure. Application is conducted with common plant protection technology. As of the second application, liquid fertiliser nozzles or multi-hole nozzles are recommended. For late nitrogen applications, drag hoses are recommended.
To provide a nitrogen and sulphur supply proportional to plant requirements, fertilisation should be conducted as follows for a balanced and targeted intake of nutrients:


PIASAN®-S 25/6 can be used with all common liquid fertiliser equipment.
The following basic rules apply.

  • Can be used for soil and leaf application


  • Consider different tolerance levels during different stages of development


  • Well developed wax layer (grain, rapeseed, turnips)


  • Do not apply immediately after precipitation or on wet plants


  • Plants affected by dry or white frost may be treated, but not only when mildly frosted - complete application before dew develops.


  • Avoid application during periods of occasional frost in the spring or during hot and sunny periods of the summer


  • Medium and large drop spraying at low pressure (AD and ID nozzles)


  • Multi-hole nozzles and drag hoses should be used in strict accordance with application conditions


  • Afternoon and evening applications are recommended.


  • Mix with water at a ratio of at least 1:3 (one part PIASAN®-S 25/6, three parts water), although 1:4 is preferable.