Method of Action

PIASAN®-S 25/6 - high nutrient contents

PIASAN®-S 25/6 is a brand-name product by SKW Stickstoffwerke Piesteritz with strict quality control. The high nutrient content of 25% nitrogen and 6% sulphur makes PIASAN-S 25/6 a highly concentrated liquid fertiliser with considerable economic advantages in terms of application, storage and transport.
Nitrogen is in a balanced combination of urea, ammonium and nitrate nitrogen, supplying an immediate and sustainable supply of nitrogen.
The fully water soluble sulphur is composed of ammonium sulphate and ammonium thiosulphate. Sulphate sulphur from ammonium sulphate can be used immediately by all plants. Sulphur from thiosulphate is applied to soil proportionally and in numerous stages as sulphate sulphur. Ammonium thiosulphate as a component of liquid fertiliser is an effective nutrient source. Therefore, nitrogen conversion in soil is comparable to all other liquid fertilisers without nitrogen stabilisers.

PIASAN®-S 25/6 - Optimal Nitrogen/Sulphur Ratio for All Plants

PIASAN®-S 25/6 is the nitrogen fertilising solution that also provides proportional levels of sulphur. Nitrogen and sulphur are combined in an ideal ratio for plant nutrition, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly fertiliser that includes both nutrients. The product can be used both on plants with a very high sulphur requirement such as rapeseed and on plants with a rather low sulphur requirement such as grains, sugar beets, corn or potatoes. Through an application with a sulphur-free nitrogen fertiliser such as PIASAN® 28 fertiliser systems can accommodate differing sulphur requirements.
PIASAN®-S 25/6 is an innovative liquid fertiliser with sulphur. The balanced nutrient ratio guarantees proportional plant nutrition with sulphur and therefore an optimal nitrogen supply. The risk of losing expensive excess sulphur through erosion in combination with nitrogen is very low, regardless of the crop in question.