Method of action


ALZON® liquidcan be used in equal or slightly lower quantities than other common fertiliser, but with fewer single applications. Application technology should be selected according to the guidelines applicable to UAN. Application should take into account the expected yield and the amount of available mineralised nitrogen in the soil.


ALZON® liquid can be applied with all regular spray nozzles suitable for liquid fertiliser.
The following basic rules should be considered:

  • Can be used for soil and leaf application


  • Consider different tolerance levels during different stages of development


  • Well developed wax layer (grain, rapeseed, turnips)


  • Do not apply immediately after precipitation or on wet plants


  • Plants affected by dry or white frost may be treated, but not only when mildly frosted - complete application before dew develops.


  • Avoid application during periods of occasional frost in the spring or during hot and sunny periods of the summer


  • Medium and large drop spraying at low pressure (AD and ID nozzles)


  • Multi-hole nozzles and drag hoses should be used in strict accordance with application conditions


  • Afternoon and evening applications are recommended.


  • Mix with water at a ratio of at least 1:3 (one part ALZON® liquid, three parts water), although 1:4 is preferable.


  • Mischungen mit Wasser mindest 1:3 (1 Teil ALZON® flüssig, 3 Teile Wasser) besser 1:4

Since ALZON® liquid is generally already applied as a quality fertiliser in the bolting phase (ES 32 – 39), using the drag hose is normally not required.

ALZON® + Sensor Technology are Compatible

Multiple-year practical trials and the results of field testing demonstrate that ALZON® and sensor technology work together excellently in terms of area-specific nitrogen fertilisation. The first nitrogen dose with a stabilised nitrogen fertiliser ensures an excellent balance. Regardless of the type of sensor, the yield dependent control function is recommended for the second and final dose with ALZON®. Areas with high yield expectations will require more yields and weaker stocks with lower yield expectations will require less nitrogen.


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Anwendungsempfehlung Massenweizen, W-Gerste, W-Roggen, Triticale

ALZON®-fertiliser provides a balanced and reliable source of nitrogen tailored to the plants' needs. The effect is ideal when combined with sensor technology.


  • Higher and more reliable yields


  • High level of nitrogen efficiency and cost effectiveness


  • Reduced costs due to fewer applications


  • Higher area efficiency of sensors


  • Flexible application schedule


  • No luxury consumption in highly fertilised areas


  • Works with every sensor type