PIAGRAN® 46 - Application


PIAGRAN® 46 fertiliser provides an effective nitrogen supply for agricultural or garden crops.

PIAGRAN® 46 is to be used in the same quantities and at the same intervals as other common fertilisers.

Optimal application conditions are generally given. Only in very light soil (soil value below 30), in soil with a pH value above 7.5 and in extremely dry conditions should PIAGRAN® 46 granule fertiliser be used on the top soil. A little working in before sowing is recommended. Due to an extremely high level of bioactivity and a lack of contact with sorbent particles of the soil, urea should be used on grasslands preferably in the first instance or under humid conditions (with watering or precipitation following).

To provide plants with an optimal and balanced level of nitrogen, the fertiliser should be applied as follows.


PIAGRAN® 46 can be used with all common fertiliser spreaders. The narrow shape of the large, stable granules guarantees an excellent spreading pattern. The high nutrient content of 46% nitrogen results in optimal areal performance.