PIAGRAN® 46 - Transport und Storage

Transport only in covered, sealed, clean and dry carriages or lorries. Prevent contact with precipitation. Transport vehicles must be properly cleaned before loading. Avoid mixing with other fertilisers during transport, handling and storage.
PIAGRAN® 46should be stored separately from other fertilisers, especially such containing ammonium nitrate. Store in clean areas. Covering the fertiliser with foil is recommended. During storage, the gates of the storage area should remain closed to keep out humidity. Storage areas must be protected from ground water.
To reduce abrasion and hardening, do not use pneumatic or jet conveyor belts. Do not let product fall down more than five meters. Change the discharge point regularly.

Safety Guidelines

PIAGRAN® 46 is in water-hazardous substance of the German Water Hazard Category 1 (minor hazard to water). Do not let it to seep into bodies of water, groundwater or sewage works. PIAGRAN® 46 may react with nitrates, acids and bases, developing heat and gas. Above 132 °C, biuret and poisonous, highly corrosive ammonia develop, so keep product away from sources of heat.
Product can become a slipping hazard if spilled on roads, so remove immediately. Use durable coating to prevent corrosion of metallic surfaces.