PIASAN® 28 - Method of Action

PIASAN® 28 contains nitrate, ammonium and urea in an excellent ratio. Urea and ammonium nitrogen have a long lasting effect and provide initial ammonium-based nitrogen nutrients. Especially when soil temperatures are low e. g. during the first nitrogen fertilisation, nitrogen in ammonium form provides an extra layer of protection, making nutrients available for plants and not being affected by layering processes.
The comparatively low nitrate content provides quick nitrogen uptake, especially in cold and inactive soil, making ammonium nitrogen in plants immediately available from the soil.
Furthermore, PIASAN® 28 fertiliser can be absorbed through leaves. Particularly in dry conditions in the spring and early summer, PIASAN® 28 is recommended over solid fertilisers.
PIASAN® 28's fertilising effect is equal to that of other fertilisers, which has been demonstrated in years of testing at our agricultural application research centre in Cunnersdorf and through other official tests. However, it should be taken into account that, when PIASAN® 28 is used in the first nitrogen fertilisation at the start of vegetation of winter crops, more fertiliser is required. Using at least 60 kg/ha of nitrogen is recommended.