Regarding Innovations for the Future of Agriculture

Every Day has Room for Improvement, Even in Nitrogen Fertiliser.

As Germany's largest producer of ammonia, we are specialists for high quality fertilisers and partners of farmers, for whom we want to make it possible to be successful in the future. Following our long proven results, we are continuously developing new, innovative products that solve your problems. Growing cost burdens e. g. due to low compensation payment and higher material costs, low producer prices on the market and the increasing requirements for environmentally friendly fertilising are among today's greatest challenges. Environmentally friendly fertilising has a future. Environmentally friendly agriculture is becoming more and more important. We are all responsible for future generations, so it is good to know that modern fertilisation systems are not only more economical, but more environmentally friendly.


The Advantages of Ammonium Fertilisers.

The Advantages of Ammonium Fertilisers.

Nitrogen in ammonium form is bound to the sorption agents in soil, the soil particles, and is therefore at no risk of erosion. Since plants can find equally good nourishments in nitrate and ammonium nitrogen, an immediate supply of nitrogen can also be provided in ammonium form. Nutrients are always available to the roots of the plants, guaranteeing optimal use of the nutrients. Ammonium-based nutrition also provides better root growth and prevents unwanted luxury consumption. Gaseous nitrogen losses are also minimised. In contrast to nitrogen, plants begin converting ammonium to protein in the roots. As a basic element for building protein, plants require carbohydrates, meaning that nitrogen intake can only be increased when an additional supply of carbohydrates is available through photosynthesis. Need and consumption are self-regulating and always correspond ideally. Since it is not necessary to reduce ammonium after consumption, this form of nutrition has clear advantages in terms of energy when compared to other nitrate-based fertilisers. For these reasons, all our fertilisers are urea-based. In soil, urea is directly converted into ammonium nitrogen, making our products an optimal fertilisation solution.

Agriculture Must Be Cost-Efficient.

Weak markets, low compensation payments and rising costs mean that farmers need solutions to secure their future profits. With innovative products and optimal fertilisation strategies, you can increase your profits and lower your expenses.