Agro-Chemie Park Piesteritz

The Agro-Chemical Park is Germany's first and currently only industrial park dedicated to agricultural chemistry. The park is located on the site of SKW Piesteritz, thus opening the site to outside investors since 2005. There are currently more than 30 attractive companies located in Piesteritz.

The 220 hectare site is home to Germany's largest melamine facility, the world's largest biodiesel facility combined with an oil mill, the combined heat and power station for biomass of Leipzig's Public Utilities as well as Air Liquide's CO2 liquefaction facility.

The Ideal Location to Launch Your Ideas and Projects

Companies that locate in the Agro-Chemical Park enjoy the full potential of this location . As well as excellent transport connections, the Park features advanced infrastructure.

A Location For Synergy:

Benefit from our unique community of companies at the Agro-Chemical Park Piesteritz!

SKW Piesteritz currently has over 30 hectares of well-developed industrial areas available with exclusive advantages for new companies. Small and medium-sized companies that establish themselves in the Agro-Chemical Park will be able to choose from a number of attractive funding options .

SKW Piesteritz carefully selects site partners. This location-based preliminary screening speeds up the BImSchG (Federal Emission Control Act) approval