We supply more AdBlue® than anyone else

Without it will be difficult

Modern logistics is inconceivable without the means by which nitrogen oxide emissions in road traffic can be almost completely avoided. Exhaust gas cleaning has proven itself in heavy goods traffic for years.

SKW Piesteritz has been supplying the material that protects people and the environment since 2005 and today has the largest share of sales in Germany, where around 600,000 tonnes of AdBlue® were consumed in 2017.

We are continuously expanding both production and logistics for the product. The picture shows the latest major investment: the construction of a 20,000 cubic meter liquid storage tank, which makes SKW Piesteritz even more flexible and reliable.

In recent years, we have spent tens of millions on

  • create more storage space - now over 30,000 cubic metres directly at the site
  • fast loading - with two ultra-modern terminals, with which several 1,000 litres can be filled per day
  • o offer an AdBlue® filling station for our customers' forwarders.

With a unique logistics system, with which SKW Piesteritz is one of the few providers that makes loading possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we help our customers to react flexibly to market developments.

SKW Piesteritz was the first producer of AdBlue® to have the product transported by rail.