The Agro-Chemical Park Piesteritz provides companies with optimum funding opportunities.
Small and medium businesses (SME) benefit from funding rates of up to 35 percent and from the generally available credit with subsided interest for investments which is granted by the German development bank KfW as part of an environmental scheme.

Maximum Funding

  •     Highest funding rates for SMEs in Germany
  •     Special funding for SMEs in the C-development area
  •     Top funding of qualification
  •     Favourable interest rates as part of the KfW environmental scheme

Funding Example for a Small to Medium Enterprise

SME support in the C-Development Area* 
*according to the common task "Improvement of the Regional Business Structure"
Further information: Investitionsbank Sachsen Anhalt, Domplatz 12, D-39104 Magdeburg -



Funding Example for Qualification and Personnel for SMEs

Funding for qualification and personnel


Example of savings through favourable credit interest for SME investments

Lower interest rates as part of the KfW environmental scheme
Credit period: 20 years, maximum funding 75% of investments; status in 2017