Efficient Logistics - Our Transport Routes.

Always delivering our products quickly and safely to our customers - that is the endeavour of our logistics department at SKW Piesteritz.

Our production facility features state-of-the-art, high-performance loading and unloading equipment and large storage capacity to provide optimum flexibility. Located in the heart of Europe and directly linked to Berlin, Piesteritz has excellent transport connections to the road and railway network and also to all waterways through its Elbe pier.

This guarantees the reliable delivery of our products around the globe.


Logistics Facts and Figures:

Each year, SKW Piesteritz supplies clients around the world with more than two million tonnes of high quality products. This requires efficient logistics.


45,000 trucks are loaded each year, an average of 186 per day. The loading stations in the liquid fertiliser shipping area have a capacity of 2,400 tonnes per day, adding to the 800 tonnes daily capacity of the bulk cargo area.


At our loading stations, trains on two tracks can be loaded with 1,500 tonnes of bulk cargo and 350 tonnes of liquid cargo per shift. 700 railway carriages are available for transport; if they were joined, they would form a train 11 kilometres long. The company's own railway tracks are 34 kilometres long and are connected to the national rail network.


Our Elbe pier is for large inland cargo ships with a capacity of 800 cubic metres for liquid cargo and 700 cubic metres for bulk cargo, allowing large amounts to be delivered quickly and safely. The company's own pier is 180 metres long.


Proper management of storage capacity and facilities is essential for a quick and flexible delivery. SKW Piesteritz has a capacity of 280,000 tonnes for its fertiliser range, of which 160,000 tonnes are the company's own storage space. The remaining 120,000 tonnes of storage capacity are distributed among the company's various partners' locations across Germany.