• Ammonia, liquid
  • Ammonia, liquid, technically pure
  • Ammonia for nitrogen removal of combustion gases (PiaNOx®-A)
  • Ammonia water 25 % (ammonium hydroxide)
  • Ammonia water for denitrification of combustion gases (PiaNOx®-AW 25)


  • Production of nitrogen fertilisers
  • Production of nitric acid
  • Production of caprolactam
  • Production of acrylonitrile
  • Production of ammonium salts
  • Production of ammonia solutions
  • Denitrification from combustion gases
  • as a coolant in refrigeration engineering
  • For use in soda production
  • For neutralisation purposes
  • Generally as a by-product in the production of nitrogen-containing products in the chemical industry