Urea becomes intelligent with us

Investments in innovative fertilizers

SKW Piesteritz sets the pace in the development of modern urea fertilizer. For years we have been helping farmers to work ever more efficiently with innovative fertilizers. Not only in an economic sense, but also for the benefit of the environment. Our specialized fertilizers - above all the world novelty ALZON neo-N - are designed to make the nutrients available to plants in the long term and to minimize losses to the environment.

SKW Piesteritz has also invested a great deal in this area. In the large research department, which it is one of the few East German chemical companies. In the development of modern fertilizer systems. And of course also in the plants to be able to produce, store and transport them. Around two million tons of product leave the plant every year, the dimensions are correspondingly large - and the investments, three of which we list as examples.

The new round storage hall is one of the few of its kind in Europe. The dome spans 68 meters.


The ammonium sulphate plant in front of the Prill Tower supplies sulphur as an important component of the fertilizer.


The hall for PIAGRAN is one of many storage possibilities. This keeps SKW Piesteritz flexible.