We are constantly modernizing our plants

Superlative plant construction

Cranes that can lift 750 tons. 50-metre-high towers floating through the air. Heavy transports, for which overruns have to be reinforced. What happens at SKW Piesteritz goes beyond many dimensions.

Every year, several million euros are invested to keep the plants up to date. They ensure that the systems have been running for years with virtually no unplanned downtime. And they are an important aspect of SKW Piesteritz's safety concept. Our aim is to keep the plant at the cutting edge of technology.

We put millions into it. In 2015 the figure was over 90 million euros, in 2016 around 110 million euros. The parent company AGROFERT has soon invested around one billion euros in the site since taking over the plant. This does not even include other investors.

The most recent project is a comprehensive modernisation of the ammonia plants, which means that we work even more effectively - both economically and ecologically. This will save us enough natural gas to heat around 20,000 single-family homes. You will then find a few examples of how we keep our process plants up and running.