Agricultural Applications Research activities focus on innovative, resource-conserving solutions for sustainable, profitable agriculture. 

We use our decades of experience in the fields of plant nutrition, soil science and crop production to provide agriculture with innovative solutions for highly efficient fertilization.
We have special, proven and internationally recognized know-how for quantifying gaseous N losses (NH3, N2O) in practical applications of N fertilizers.

Only when developments have proven themselves over several years at the various test levels of Agricultural Applications Research - laboratory > climate chamber > greenhouse > field - and with cooperation partners established throughout Germany, are they included in our fertilizer range.

Agricultural applications research is not only essential for the development of new fertilizer products. Rather, it is also where recommendations for applications adapted to specific sites are developed and repeatedly put to the test. In addition to soil science and agrometeorological aspects, operational and social requirements are also incorporated into this optimization process.

With our knowledge and experience, we not only support the technical field service of SKW Piesteritz. We also let farmers, dealers and interested parties share in it. At SKW Piesteritz's annual field day in Cunnersdorf, visitors can view the field trials and talk to the researchers themselves. The "Fertilization" symposia, which are held throughout Germany, are also popular meeting places and venues for exchange. We hold specialist seminars, dialogs or discussion groups on special topics at the Cunnersdorf site.
We maintain constant contacts and scientific networks within the framework of nationwide research projects in which we work together with recognized experts on solutions for agriculture.


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