The urea resin condensate for matting agents and other varnish additives


PIAFINE® MC is a matting agent and a property-improving additive based on fine urea oligomers. The specific formulation can be used for various applications in colour and varnish products to meat various demands. Due to the chemical makeup and its reactive nature, PIAFINE® MC also works as a polymer crosslinker, improving elasticity, smoothness and durability of varnishes. The distribution of particle shapes makes it possible to achieve different matting effects and grades. PIAFINE® MC is not soluble or swellable in water and in common solvents of the colour and varnish industry.


For the production of matted varnishes, matting agent systems and special enhancing additives for colours and varnishes.

PIAFINE® MC is primarily used as a matting solution for colours and varnishes, as a matting solution for coil coating systems, wood glazes and UV systems. Other applications include improved viscosity in powder varnishes and improved varnish durability. The especially limited effect on viscosity of the formula is a special feature.

The special structure and the distribution of pores of PIAFINE® MC has a very limited effect on varnish rheology. This is especially advantageous for applications in UV-Systems. Formulations containing PIAFINE® MC feature optimal properties in terms of workability (low viscosity), flexibility, reliability, transparency (varnishes) and durability. Due to its duromere-like structure, PIAFINE® MCfeatures high thermal durability, withstanding temperatures up to approx. 200 °C.
PIAFINE® MC can be used as a matting agent in almost all liquid and solvent-containing varnishes. It is equally applicable for air and heat dried colours, such as printing ink, wood glaze and UV varnish.