Research and Development

The Research and Development department works continuously to improve existing quality products in line with the wishes and ideas of our customers. Just as intensively, the creation of new, innovative products is pursued, which are characterized by sustainability, environmental compatibility and economic efficiency. In doing so, we benefit from the close links between the individual research and development areas as well as from the constant, constructive cooperation with the other specialist departments at SKW Piesteritz. This knowledge network is supplemented by joint projects with partners from science, industry and official agricultural consulting. In our daily work, we combine creativity, experience and unique expertise with short paths for the exchange of information and ideas. The global challenges we face require integrated solutions.


Innovations are part of our corporate strategy. We continuously develop and market solutions that meet current national and global challenges and help to use resources sustainably and efficiently.

We are a leader in the development and marketing of innovative, stabilized N fertilizers. These guarantee optimum nutrient supply to crops, reduce N losses (ammonia, nitrous oxide, nitrate, nitrogen) that are relevant to the climate and the environment to a minimum, increase the efficiency of N fertilization and improve the cost-effectiveness of fertilization measures. In this way, ecology and economy are brought into harmony. We also implement this principle in all other areas of research and development.