Safety Through Proper Use

High Crop Tolerance Is No Sorcery

Tips for Selecting the Correct Application Technology.

All SKW Piesteritz liquid fertilisers can be applied with common plant protection technology. Selecting the correct nozzle depends on a number of factors. The more sensitive the plants are, the larger the drops and the lower the spray pressure should be. After heads appear (development stage 49/51), only drag hoses or pipes plunging into the population should be used. Multi-hole nozzles should no longer be used since crop tolerance is not secured. Flat fan nozzles can be used from the start of vegetation to the bolt phase. Injector and anti-drift nozzles are to be used in low pressure areas of one to four bar. They may also be used for combined applications with plant protection products.Multi-hole nozzles are recommended for sensitive plants at all times. Liquid fertilisers are especially protective and have very little drift. However, they are not to be used following ear emergence or in combination with plant protection products. Drag hoses and pipes are appropriate when usual crop tolerance is not guaranteed, and can be used during and after ear emergence. To prevent possible striation, avoid applying to winter grains at the start of vegetation.

Tips for Correct Application.

  • Take development-related tolerance into consideration.
  • If possible, spray medium to large drops at low pressure with anti-drift or injector nozzles.
  • Under difficult conditions or development stages, use multi-hole nozzles or drag hoses.
  • Assure a well-developed wax layer. Following long periods of precipitation, wait one to two days.
  • Applications during dry frost periods or on very ripe plants is possible, but not during weak white frost periods or thaws.
  • Avoid using during periods of occasional frost in the spring as well as intensive summer sunshine or heat. Temperatures between -5 °C und 25 °C are ideal.
  • Best used in the afternoon and evening.
  • Mix with water in a ratio of at least 1:3 (one part liquid fertiliser to three parts water), or better yet, 1:4.

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